«ICE TERMINAL» is the largest modern automated refrigerated logistics warehouse
in Ukraine. It meets all world quality standards for storing chilled and frozen products.
A large parking area can accommodate 90 trucks in the bonded area and 150 cars near the administration building
Convenient geographic location out of town right on the ring road
Rail Access
Length of ramp 200 meters that allows to unload four freight cars at the same time. The capacity is 1000 tons per day
Main Storage Facility
Warehouse area - 18,000m2, storage capacity - 25,500 tons. Universal chambers for storing food products under temperature ranging from -24 to +5
Auto Ramp
24 dock doors with the capacity 1000 metric tons a day
Bonded Area (Customs warehouse)
It allows to store import and export products in the necessary conditions during the "clearance" process
Administrative Building
5000 sq.m of office facilities